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Commercial and Industrial Lighting Trends 2023: Towards a Brighter Future

As conversations around sustainability have intensified, the demand for energy-efficient lighting in the commercial and industrial space has also witnessed a tangible increase.

The global commercial LED market has grown from $43.62 billion in 2022 to $53.54 billion in 2023—undeniable proof of the changing times. Coupled with the increase in new environmentally-conscious construction and remodeling of existing facilities, this shift has affected trends in lighting.

LEDs are the undisputed future of lighting technology. Having emerged victorious in the LED lighting vs traditional debate, current lighting trends in LED are reflecting the growing importance of sustainability in business.

What is the future of LED lighting? Let’s uncover the commercial and industrial trends that can help you turn over a green leaf and cut down on expenses at the same time.

2023 Lighting Trends To Watch Out For

Lighting strategies for corporations are no longer motivated by simple necessity. It’s about taking a holistic utilitarian approach that considers energy efficiency, health and well-being, and the aesthetics of public spaces at once.

Lighting Trends To Watch Out For

Unsurprisingly, the current lighting trends exemplify these principles. The top trends that are currently defining the future of lighting include:

Eco-friendly LED Lights

Light-emitting diode (LED) is a technology that converts electrical current into light energy. LEDs are 90% more efficient compared to traditional incandescent lights and CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lamps)—only 5% of the energy is wasted in the process.

Technically, a 36W LED bulb can replace an 84W CFL because the former is just that powerful. So, LED lights consume far less energy compared to other options.

In addition, LEDs are powered by semiconductors, which means they are free of harmful heavy metals like mercury that are usually found in traditional lighting.

While a standard LED bulb can last up to 25 years, CFLs have a lifespan of only 10 years. Even though incandescent lights or CFLs may cost less compared to LEDs at the outset, you will save more in the long term if you go for the latter.

The overall impact of LEDs on the environment is negligible compared to the drastic effects of traditional lighting. The fact that LEDs are one of the top 2023 lighting trends is hardly surprising.

Layered Lighting in Work Spaces

Next is the concept of layered lighting, which is quickly gaining popularity, especially in shared commercial spaces and co-working offices. In this setup, different types of accent and ambient lighting are being used to create distinctions within the same space.

Layering lights can create a calm, peaceful, and relaxing space that feels welcoming and easy to work in. You may not consciously think about it, but lighting affects your mood, performance, cognitive abilities, and, perhaps most importantly, overall productivity.

Layered lighting is a trend that can tackle the constraints of present-day mood lighting and improve on traditional office options.

Layered Lighting in Work Spaces

Daylight Harvesting

Daylight harvesting refers to architectural changes and design adjustments to an indoor space that help make the most of natural light in the daytime. Think French windows, gazebos, skylights, and similar options.

The future of lighting technology will ensure commercial and industrial spaces practice daylight harvesting. It promises to offset overall energy consumption and reduce the carbon footprint of public areas that require lots of lighting.

Indoor Farming Lights

Another interesting 2023 lighting trend is specialized LED setups designed to grow flora and fauna indoors. Indoor farming lights have specific wavelengths that mimic the spectrum of sunlight. In a closed environment, such “grow lights” help with growing and maintaining the health of various plants.

Because LEDs are unidirectional light sources that are highly versatile and can be utilized for various uses, indoor farming lights are almost always LED lights. These indoor lighting setups can ensure that there is good quality produce on a mass scale, even in extreme weather conditions. It’s a rather important lighting trend that can prevent food shortages in the future.

As you can see, LED lights are dominating the commercial and industrial lighting scene. Used in public parks, schools, workplaces, or indoor farmhouses, LED is emerging as the mainstay of the future of lighting.

Consistent efforts in product development are only going to ensure that LEDs gain more efficiency and utility in the coming years. And that’s the best hope for the future of LED lighting technology.

Indoor Farming Lights

Smart Controls Smart Controls

Commercial and industrial facilities are taking to connected smart lighting solutions powered by the Internet of Things (IoT) and automation. Having a smart control system that automatically dims and switches lights on or off, depending on occupancy and area requirements, is an exciting development in the future of lighting technology.

A connected smart lighting control system can help save energy, optimize overall power consumption, and reduce the harmful environmental impact of commercial lighting solutions.

Step Into a Brighter Future with NRG Incentives

Going by the trends, it’s safe to assume that the future of lighting technology is going to be more conscious and sustainable than ever. There’s much to do at present to keep up with these changes and minimize your carbon footprint.

NRG Incentives specializes in energy optimization solutions in California. We manufacture and deploy cutting-edge LED lighting solutions in commercial areas. We’re dedicated to crafting bespoke solutions that provide the ultimate solution to your lighting needs.

We provide end-to-end services, from energy consulting services to innovative lighting solutions in California. We know that a “one-for-one” lighting fixture replacement is neither reliable nor a long-term solution. So, we conduct lighting audits and use 3D modeling to customize LED lighting that fulfills your requirements.

Apart from energy optimization projects in California, we also have a utility outreach program through which we help you pay your bills during a crisis.

Interested to know what we can do for you? Contact us for a consultation and get a glimpse at what the future of LED lighting holds for you.


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