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Light More. Pay Less.

At NRG Incentives, we provide top notch services to help transform your facility into an efficient, sustainable, and more productive workplace.


Expert specification and lighting design are where value is created. A ‘one-for-one’ fixture replacement will not achieve maximum value. That’s why we custom specify and design lighting solutions engineered to unlock the full potential of your facility.

Lighting Specification

We offer lighting specifications for all your LED needs.

Lighting Design

We work in 3D. This helps everyone at the table visualize the real impact we can make on your environment. We apply lighting science and photometrics to ensure every inch of space has the right light.

Lighting Audits

During an energy audit, we evaluate your lighting energy use from every angle. By gaining a comprehensive understanding of your space, we can present customized solutions for your business and its employees.

Utility Outreach

Get aid and receive help paying your energy bill during a crisis.

Utility Rebate Consulting

NRG can help you with utility rebates for your business.

Local, State, & Federal Grants

We help you get local, state, and federal grants for your LED lighting needs.

Energy Consulting

We suggest cost-effective ways to improve energy usage by gathering and analyzing energy usage data, developing energy management plans, and ensuring companies are compliant with environmental legislation.

Wholesale Lighting Sales

We offer wholesale lighting sales services.

Project Management

Put your lighting projects into the hands of industry experts and trust US LED for world-class project management services.

Retrofit & Design Build

The energy-saving potential of an LED retrofit is massive when done right. Our team of proven and trusted commercial lighting contractors can help you achieve your business goals on a grander scale.

Interested in our customized energy solutions?

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We'll be in touch soon!

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